How Better Workplace Machines Enhance Human Workers
(Photo : How Better Workplace Machines Enhance Human Workers)

Machines have been with us during every stage of our evolution. Grant it, they were very simple machines. We called them tools. As our tools improved, so too did our abilities. The advancement of our society has always been in step with the advancement of our machines. So it is today, So it will be tomorrow.

There have been those who did not welcome better tools for fear that it would harm their business model.  As a result of those fears, they were slow to embrace the full potential of machines. The whip and buggy makers were not excited about the automobile. Factory workers were not excited about robotics. Oil oligopolies were not excited about electric cars. In some ways, all of those technologies were held back due to concerts.

What we have to realize is that those business model concerns have always been unfounded, just as it is today. Machines just like chemical process simulations do not displace humans; they enhance and free humans to be better versions of themselves. No one pines for the days of churning butter by hand. Better workplace machines have always improved and expanded workplace opportunities. Here's how that is playing out today:

Enhance and Protect

Companies that supply their laborers with powered exoskeleton suits are enhancing and protecting those workers so they can do more with less strain. That amounts to fewer injuries, less wear and tear on the body, and reduced time off. Workers can make more money, do the job they love longer, and enjoy a higher quality of life. That is a win-win for all parties.

Consider jobs that require teams to lift and move heavy objects. This type of labor not only carries considerable physical risk for those involved, but also the cost of employing and insuring the workers. While an exoskeleton suit is a considerable investment, the returns come in the form of reduced laborer needs, hiring costs and potential healthcare costs by reducing physical strain.

Take Business to the Next Level

There is little debate over the fact that artificial intelligence has the power to turbocharge your business. What is surprising is how few business people there are who realize how powerful and accessible artificial intelligence really is. One challenge to AI adoption is a misapprehension of what AI is all about. From the most popular sci-fi novels to the most obscure sci-fi movies, AI is overwhelmingly portrayed as an intelligent enemy to be feared. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is what MSN had to say about how to use AI to boost your small business:

A short time ago getting started with AI (Artificial Intelligence) was unmanageable for startups and small businesses. It required a highly skilled data scientist and machine learning experts experimenting with algorithms. But in a very short amount of time things have changed. AI that can recognize objects in images, understand documents and texts, and make high accuracy predictions on your user data can now be done in a few hours and without coding.

With the aid of AI/ML, tasks can be reduced from weeks to hours with software you likely already have. Machines are not destroying business, they are enabling more people to start their own and be instantly competitive.

Machines Give More People Opportunities

One of the greatest benefits of machines is their ability to empower people with disabilities. People who are blind or have low vision can fully participate in the entrepreneurial spirit that powers wealth and financial stability once only enjoyed by people without disabilities. The rise of the machines has resulted in the enablement of more humans, not fewer.

Machines have made workers safer and more productive, caused businesses to be supercharged, and enabled people with disabilities to enjoy independence and financial security like never before.