The New Zealand and Austin-based company UneeQ brought Albert Einstein back to life using their Experiential AI technology that recreated the look and voice of the famous scientist.

According to the company, the Digital Einstein was developed as part of their new Companions series. UneeQ's remastered Digital Einstein is created by one of its kind Experiential AI technology to give people a meaningful experience with one of the greatest minds of history.

MailOnline reported that the AI-powered Einstein is complete with a German accent in which it also speaks in a soft, friendly tone programmed with the same dry humor that Einstein once used to have.

AI Albert Einstein Is the Latest Digital Human That Answers Questions From Fans
(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Albert Einstein

Meet Digital Einstein

Albert Einstein is a well-known theoretical physicist, and his work and theory of relativity changed the understanding of space, time, gravity, and the universe.

The new Ai-powered Einstein is the newest example of human-to-machine interaction that advances digital humans to drive personality-led engagements that enable customers, patients, students, and end-users to have meaningful, emotional interactions, PR Newswire reported.

Moreover, the Digital Einstein can answer questions from fans about groundbreaking theories, his life, and work. It can also test the knowledge of someone on various topics via a quiz that changes every day.

Although it is not yet programmed to chat with people about the weather. But the company is getting closer to making a conversational AI, according to Nerdist.

Nonetheless, the technology is impressive, both visually and in the Digital Einstein's manner of expressing himself.

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Tech for Good

According to the news release, the Digital Einstein was created to engage across multi-generations and to specifically put a friendly face and personality for people who are most suffering from the continued isolation and loneliness brought by the lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic since last year.

UneeQ CEO Danny Tomsett said that mental health and companionship are long-standing problems of society that are exacerbated by the pandemic. The company's core value is "Tech for Good" and they are finding ways to apply innovative solutions to fulfill their cause.

Tomsett said that Digital Einstein, among other digital humans, can communicate with people in a way that comes most naturally - using conversation, human expressions, and emotional responses to best provide daily interactions that they hope make a difference in people's lives.

UneeQ's AI-powered Companions serve as representatives that recreate human compassion and emotional connections, especially at this time when more and more people struggle with loneliness because of isolation from family and friends.

While the company noted that the technology was not developed to replace human interaction, digital humans augment human engagement to fill the void that was left by being physically disconnected from loved ones.

UneeQ's digital humans help bridge that gap through voice and human-like expressions that enable Ai-powered humans to display sympathy, warmth, excitement, empathy, and friendliness.

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