Researchers reported, some spiders typically known in North American residences are avoiding their changers that housed recently some European fire ants.

According to ScienceNews Report, the researchers said perhaps, the ants left behind some chemical traces, making the spiders flee.

The said reaction suggests that the insects might be a great source of the so-called natural spider-repelling chemicals.

Arachnologist Andreas Fischer, from the Burnaby, Canada-based Simon Fraser University said, many people are afraid of spiders, and there is nothing on the market that is dependable that's keeping them away.

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Science Times - Fire Ants May Have Driven Spiders Away, Research Says
(Photo: Judgefloro on Wikimedia Commons)
Recent reports said some spiders typically known in North American residences are avoiding their changers that housed recently some European fire ants.

'Horrendous Pets'

Fischer, together with his colleagues housed Steatoda grossa, as described in Spider ID, or false black widow spiders in a glass container that had three connected chambers.

The said arachnids were less likely to settle down and stay in empty compartments that had once had European fire ants or Myrmica rubra inside. These are invasive species found in North America.

Other species of these ants include black widow or Latrodecturs Hesperus, cross or Araneus diadematus, and hobo or Eratigena argestis, also considered an aversion to the previous fire ant chambers.

The finding, explained Fischer, is exciting although it is not certainly for "real-world use." He added, he is definitely hoping that people do not go out and get European fire ants into their garden to drive spiders away.

Ants, the expert described, are aggressive "horrendous pests, characterized by stinging bites and are dangerous to get rid of.

The 'Costliest' Species Worldwide

Essentially, another fire ant species that is Native to South America, according to the Center for Invasive Species Research is Solenops is invicta, which is said to be the "costliest" invasive species across the world.

The research team is planning to determine and identify what chemical spooks the spiders. They are also planning to figure out if it can be made in the laboratory.

Then, these study investigators will make sure the possible spider repellant is not toxic or a homing inspiration for ants.  That, Fischer elaborated, is the last thing to want, to drive spiders away but entice or charm ants.

Important Facts About Firearms

According to, some structures have Fire Ants beneath slabs where there is year-round availability of heat. These nests, this report specifies, are continuously active.

During spring into winter, active mounds send out the so-called "swarmer" ants. Similar to termites, they are winged males and females starting new colonies.

Fire ant experts are getting a lot of calls from those who want to know if they have ants or termites swamping their houses.

In general, these fire ant swarmers retain or preserve their wings even after their death. When colonies are built around buildings, sitting and picnic areas, as well as playgrounds, there is a possibility for children to encounter them.

Such experiences may result in children, even pets, getting stung. Therefore, experts recommend that homeowners and parents need to strive to control their environments so that their kids won't have to be apprehensive about getting stung.

If anyone at home has stings that need treatment, certain products are effective at both stopping itch and allow healing of the wound.

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