Skoltech or Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology is a graduate research-focused university in Russia which allows its students to formulate their own research projects and gain helpful skills such as in entrepreneurship through letting them acquire purposeful and competitive theoretical and practical training.

Skoltech and MIT's Collaboration

"Skoltech is a very young university established back in 2011 which means it will just turn 10 years old this year," Skoltech's public relations manager, Ilyana Zolotareva said in an interview with Science Times.

This decade-old university was built as part of a multi-year partnership with MIT to have an in-depth collaboration when it comes to embodying science, technology, and innovation studies.

MIT had the role of being an advisor on program and curriculums for the first three years of this collaboration, then joined by Skoltech researchers to open new opportunities for intellectual exchange and network building, and shared research.

On March 1, 2016, the second stage of the MIT-Skoltech relationship (The MIT Skoltech Program) went into effect to focus on both collaborative and faculty-driven projects.

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Skoltech's 9 CREIs Kareen L.

Zolotareva shared that Skoltech is driven by its 9 CREIs which aims to establish collaboration with international and Russian partners for research, education, and innovation.

The CREIs also focuses on its key building blocks - biomedicine, energy, IT, and space - to develop a graduate university that merges education, innovation, and research continuously. This action is envisioned to design a broad impact on Russia through structuring dimensions in all aspects.

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