Oral hygiene should be a vital part of our daily routines, however, in some cases, brushing your teeth 3 times a day isn't enough. Tartar creeps up and compromises your teeth and gum care. Which is why it's important to know how to remove tartar from teeth without dentist intervention.

Why is it Important to Remove Tartar from Your Teeth?

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According to Bloor West Smiles, tartar refers to hard calcified deposits that buildup and coat your teeth and gums. Much like many threats to your oral health, it is caused by bacteria that naturally occurs in your mouth and mixes with leftover food particles forming sticky film known as plaque. If untreated, plaque hardens and discolors forming tartar.

The CDC says that tartar can lead to periodontal disease that result in infections and inflammation of the bone and gums that support the teeth. In serious cases, reports of tartar breaking off the back of teeth have occurred due to neglect and improper oral care. Recent reports to the CDC says that roughly 47.2% of American adults aged 30 and up have periodontal diseases. While the incidence of the diseases increases with age by 70.1% of adults aged 65 and older.

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Luelli Ultrasonic Dental Calculus Plaque Remover

When it comes to care, we all want the best. The best plaque removers should be able to remove dental calculus, tooth stains, dirt, and dental plaque effectively and with ease.

The Ultrasonic Dental Calculus Plaque Remover is the perfect electric plaque remover that fulfills the promise to effectively and easily help you remove tartar from your teeth without dentist intervention. It combines plaque and tartar remover techniques with real ultrasonic technology to give you healthy tartar-free teeth.

The Luelli Plaque Remover uses sonic technology of 36 Khz vibration with over 2M times resonance per minute to give you 3 cleaning modes to choose from depending on your oral care needs.You can choose the low setting if you're experiencing teeth sensitivity, medium for plaque and delta stains, and high for an all around deep cleaning of stubborn and older tooth stains.

Built with a medical-grade cleaning head, it can easily maneuver in between the teeth and flat one for effective tooth cleaning. The integrated LED light indicates the 10-minute auto timer for each use.

The vibrations produced removes hardened plaque and teeth stains without causing pain and does not affect softer tissues such as your gums and cheeks.

Removing tartar from your teeth isn't cosmetic, it is an active threat to your all around oral health. Other than the myriad of dental problems that are caused or hastened by long-term tartar build up, it also plays a negative role in other aspects of your life.

Hence, when it comes to dental care, it's important to act quickly and vigilantly. A trip to your dentist is physical and financially taxing. Luckily, you don't need dentist intervention to remove tartar from your teeth. All you need is the best tartar remover and you'll be able to maintain your oral health with ease.

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