United Kingdom's Office for National Statistics former head and health commentator Jamie Jenkins said that Britain is potentially 'over the edge' regarding the third wave of COVID-19. According to a report by The Telegraph, Jenkins said that the cases recorded in both England and Wales have declined in the middle of the third quarter of 2021. Along with the decrease in COVID-19 cases, Jenkins said that the indications of the pandemic in the said regions would also decrease, including the death toll and hospitalizations.

Third Wave Rates Decline in the UK as Effect of Coronavirus Vaccines

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Jenkins added that they were probably over the edge on the COVID-19's third wave, with a minor peak of death rates after cases decline. But the former UK health statistics head said that even though the cases eased in this wave, they must not let their guards down as the autumn season starts.

UK hospitalizations, according to Jenkins, have significantly decreased to 80%. Along with the decrease in admissions, the death rates were 90% lower. The data recorded is a great improvement compared to the previous records in the UK.

Vaccines have also impacted the COVID-19 cases in the UK. Jenkins said that the implementation of vaccination in the country is effective against the high numbers of coronavirus cases registered in the winter. The health commentator said that the success of the vaccine is evident through the death toll, with 65-70 rather than 800 in the winter.

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UK Health Authorities: Over 85 Million Vaccines Rolled Out

In the UK, over 85 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have already been rolled out. The government did not stop convincing the eligible population to get vaccinated as early as this publication date for immunity protection against the coronavirus and its new variant.

The Department of Health and Social Care recently published a press release regarding the vaccination data across the UK. Among the 85 million vaccines deployed, over 46 million individuals have already received the first dose, and over 38 million have been successful at getting their complete doses. Out of 85,196,986 doses, the corresponding rates of successful vaccination are 88.6 and 72.5 percent, respectively.

The Public Health England and Cambridge University, according to the press release, have also produced data about the impacts brought by the COVID-19 vaccines. Based on the report, over 52,000 hospitalizations, 22 million infections, and 60,000 deaths have been prevented in the middle of this year's third quarter since the rollout of the vaccines.

UK government's COVID-19 press release states that by the end of September, individuals will be required to provide proof of vaccination in selected establishments and schedules, including nightclubs and music events.

The health authorities also included in the report that the individuals from the "amber watchlist" countries, who were already complete with the vaccine 14 days before returning to England, would not be required to undergo quarantine.

The vaccines are available in the UK vaccination centers for free. The adults are also eligible to get vaccinated with a second dose eight weeks after the first jab. Meanwhile, two doses of the COVID-19 vaccines are proven to be almost 90% effective against UK's most dominant coronavirus strain, the delta variant.

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