Recent posts on Facebook claim that vaccines have caused the COVID-19 Delta variants to emerge and rapidly spread the virus in many parts of the world.


However, according to a Forbes report, there is "one major flaw in such claims," and it has something to do with the "space-time continuum," as well as the lack of flux capacitors.

As explained in this report, typically, a cause needs to occur before an effect, and this should apply too when considering the origins of the COVID-19 Delta variant.

For instance, the World Health Organization's "Tracking SARS-CoV-2 variants" website shows when the various Variants of Concern and Variants of Interest were initially identified. As indicated on the site, these variants occurred in 2020.

And, of all the Variants of Concern, the Alpha strain was initially detected in the United Kingdom in September, the Beta variant in South Africa in May, the Gamma variant in Brazil in November, and the Delta variant, all in 2020.

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Science Times - COVID-19 Delta Variants Are Caused by Vaccines, According to Claims Posted on Facebook; Report Shows One Major Flaw: ‘Space-Time Continuum’
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There are recent claims, specifically posted on Facebook, that vaccines have caused the COVID-19 Delta variants to emerge, but a new report recently presented a major flaw.

Late Receipt of EUA from the FDA 

An earlier Reuters also specified that it is essential to keep in mind that when vaccination for COVID-19 began in different parts of the work, it did not really start in India until January this year, roughly three months after the emergence of the Delta variant.

Specifically, Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna were not given the emergency use authorization or EUA from the United States Food and Drug Administration for their COVID-19 mRNA vaccines until December last year, the same month the AstraZeneca vaccine first received its authorization for use in the UK.

Authorization for these vaccines was granted after all four of the COVID-19 Variants of Concern had already been spreading.

This report also points out the places many of these Variants of Concern have been originally detected. They were first identified in the US, UK, India, Brazil, and Peru.

According to the Johns Hopkins University of Coronavirus Resource Center, the first four mentioned countries have consistently at or close to the top of the list of nations, which has the most number of COVID-19 cases reported worldwide.

Meanwhile, Peru has topped the world with the highest per capita mortality that's related to COVID-19. This then brings out the real reason COVID-19 variants have emerged.

Importance of Vaccination Initiatives

Problems take place when a new resulting variant has features that enable it to transmit more rapidly and further, like the Delta strain.

Therefore, the best way to prevent the new variants from emerging and spreading is to better prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

The way to make this happen is by maintaining the COVID-19 safety measures like social distancing and the use of face masks until enough of the population has been fully vaccinated to achieve herd immunity thresholds.

Once such thresholds have been attained, the COVID-19 virus will struggle to search for new people to target and infect and not be able to carry on spreading as it has. Indeed, this report said, the COVID-19 vaccines help shield against the Delta variant.

As insinuated in this information, being unable to control COVID-19 infection will eventually result in more variants.

The longer countries like the US are going without reaching herd immunity thresholds and minus seriously executing other precautions in the meantime, the greater the probability of emergence of worse variants.

Lastly, disseminating information about COVID-19 and the vaccine may be leading people to not get their vaccine and not maintain the present precautions.

Related information about the Delta variant, vaccination, and COVID-19 is shown on UC David Health's YouTube video below:


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