Patient zero of the deadly COVID-19 was possible to be one of the laboratory personnel that works at the Wuhan virology facility. In addition, WHO seemingly admits that patient zero was infected by a bat while conducting experiments at the Chinese laboratory. However, government authorities in China deny the COVID-19 origin theory. Despite the strong statements from the health agency, the Chinese officials urge WHO to cease the allegations.

Wuhan Lab Leak Theory: Conspiracy or Truth?

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Peter Ben Embarek, a Danish official at the World Health Organization, said that they are considering the possibility of lab leak as an origin of COVID-19. Ben Embarek's recent claim was contrary to his first statement that dismisses the Wuhan laboratory theory. The WHO chief scientist's claim on the coronavirus patient zero hypotheses was reported by The Washington Post, with a published documentary explaining the theory.

The WHO chief said in an interview that the laboratory employee was possibly infected by bats during a sample collection. Ben Embarek said in an interview that the coronavirus was transmitted directly from the bats to the human. The expert also said that patient zero is highly suspected as a laboratory worker rather than a typical village citizen or other random individuals that could have constant contact with the bat or its premises.

The Danish scientist confirmed that the COVID-19 laboratory leak theory is a probable theory. Ben Embarek's coronavirus origin leak may be possible, especially as he almost got ahold of information regarding the status of COVID-19 in China last January through a collaborative effort between the country's local government and WHO. The said mission was an attempt to uncover the origin of COVID-19, a deadly, transmissible, and airborne virus that ignited a pandemic by killing over 4 million individuals across the globe.

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WHO Scientist's Unexpected Confession Over China's Rejection on COVID-19 Origin Investigation

WHO's initial investigation that was held in China extracted no concrete evidence that supports the COVID-19 patient zero being an employee in the Wuhan laboratory. During the investigation, the officials and scientists in China were reported to control details and withheld essential information, which suppressed the fact-finding examination.

In addition, the Chinese experts also advised the WHO team to drop the possible theories that point out to the patient zero and its alleged ties with the laboratory. Based on the report by The Sun, the available data from the investigation was withheld from the WHO experts who were deployed on the said joint mission, and the findings were discussed only two days before the scheduled departure of the health agency experts from China.

Ben Embarek said that access to books and documents that contain information from the laboratory was denied by the Chinese authority when the WHO experts needed it, according to a report by The New York Post. In the end, no comprehensive details were gathered from the investigation, and the joint mission ended to whether the information from the laboratory should be included or not, said Ben Embarek. He added that the less-transparent actions of Chinese authorities and scientists are efforts to save face, as they were probably hiding a human error that caused the pandemic and have no plans to admit their own mistakes.

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