Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem recently revealed a link between the amount of metal production and metal toxicity in humans due to lead exposure for thousands of years.

According to a Futurism report, the team studied human remains from a central Italy-based burial ground that had been in constant use for roughly 12,000 years.

As the global production of lead began to spike, the rate at which the human bodies absorbed the lead over time rose as well, suggesting that humans have been breathing the hazardous substance for thousands of years already.

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Science Times - Metal Toxicity in Humans: Scientists Discover Link Between Metal Production and Exposure to Lead Which Are Usually Present in Electronic Devices
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Scientists warned about the continued experience of hazardous health effects of ‘toxic metals contamination,’ especially as there is growth in the manufacturing of electronic devices worldwide.

Lead Production as Replicated in Human Exposure

EurekAlert! reported that lead author of the Professor Yigal Erel, at Hus's Institute of Earth Sciences, said, such documentation of lead pollution throughout the history of humans specifies that, notably, much of the approximated dynamics in the production of lead is replicated in "human exposure." 

Therefore, he added, lead pollution in humans has closely followed their amounts of lead production.

Simply put, the lead author continued explaining, the more lead humans produced, the more they are likely to be absorbing the substance into their bodies. He elaborated that this is a highly poisonous effect.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said exposure to high lead levels could lead to certain disorders, including weakness, anemia, and brain damage.

According to the CDC, in the worst condition, high exposure to lead can even result in death. Indeed, lead can make its way into human bodies through diet and even pollution from the air.

Warning About Use of Electronic Devices

The scientists have also warned about modern society's enthusiasm for electronics. Specifically, manufacturing of led is likely to increase, which is an early warning sign.

In their study, Lead in archaeological human bones reflecting historical changes in lead production, published in Environmental Science and Technology, the researchers examined bone fragments from 130 people then living in Rome from around 12,000 years back until the 17th century and were able to estimate the level of lead pollution over time.

Erel also cautioned that the impacts on people's health could be dangerous. He said, minus proper regulation, there will be the continued experience of hazardous health effects of "toxic metals contamination," especially as there is growth in the manufacturing of electronic devices worldwide.

A similar SciTechDaily report said that, according to the lead author, people who are directly affected by such dangers have the highest lead exposure. These people include the miners and those working in recycling facilities.

Health Conditions Caused by Lead

According to the CDC, it doesn't matter if an individual is breathing in, swallowing, and absorbing lead particles. The health impacts are the same anyway, although the body absorbs high lead levels when the substance is breathed in.

As explained in a report posted on the health agency's website, within the body, lead is absorbed and stored in the bones, tissues, and blood.

It does not stay in those areas permanently; instead, it is stored there as a source of incessant internal exposure. As an individual gets older, his bones demineralize, and the internal exposure may rise due to larger lead releases from the bone tissue.

Lastly, there is also an apprehension that lead may activate from the bone among women going through menopause. Post-menopausal have been discovered to have higher levels of blood lead compared to pre-menopausal women.

Related information about lead exposure risks is shown on HealthyLivingMo's YouTube video below:


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