The flying car is no longer fantasy stuff for technology experts. Many firms globally are not racing to make their own "fantasy flying car" available.

Global News report said the flying car could enable humans to get from point A to B, discovering the skies without sitting in traffic.

According to Canada's Marcus Leng, CEO of Opener, a firm developing a personal aerial vehicle, he thinks everybody has had dreams of complete three-dimensional liberty.

He shared as a young boy walking to school, he wondered if there would ever be an aircraft that could jump in and take off "and fly" anytime desired vertically.

Leng began designing and constructing prototypes in his basement in the small Warkworth, Ontario community.

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Science Times - Flying Car: Soon a Reality as Canadian Tech Team Comes One Step Closer to Completion of the Invention
(Photo: Spielvogel on Wikimedia Commons)
Through eVTOL or electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing, Opener CEO Marcus Leng generated a vehicle that did not need a runway to get off the ground.

Their House, a Factory

Describing their house, he recalled and said he thinks it turned out to be a factory. Specifically, the basement was used mainly for doing all the structure jobs.

The kitchen, on the other hand, was fundamentally used to manufacture motors. As they did so, Leng said they would bake the motors in the oven that would stink.

A similar World Publishers News report said it took more than one year for the CEO to fly his first-ever "proof-of-concept" vehicle right in his front yard. He said he found himself ultimately at the end of the driveway, and his friends and neighbors were behind an obstacle of cars that had been set up.

He added the figures, just like in skiing, he'd do a skidding turn in front of them. Everything quite well except during the skidding turn, the wing's edge made contact with the lawn. Nonetheless, the propulsion systems reacted quickly to create this long piece as it scraped through grass minus the aircraft that lost any control.

The BlackFly

Through eVTOL or electric-powered vertical takeoff and landing, Leng explained he was able to generate a vehicle that does not need a runway to get off the ground.

The invention is called BlackFly, as explained in the Opener's website. Some people frequently refer to it as a flying car. Leng calls the product a personal aerial vehicle explicitly designed to fit a single person. Why individuals up to six feet, six inches tall, and with 200-pound or less for weight can use the BlackFly.

This personal space vehicle has a joystick. It can fly in -20 Celsius weather and run in roughly 32 kilometers per hour winds.

In the United States, which is the company's primary market, there are very serious weight limitations. Therefore, American vehicles have a 32-kilometer range for a 200-pound operator.

Meanwhile, in Canada, explained Leng, who relocated most of his operations in Palo Alto, California, in 2014. One of the main features of BlackFly is that it does not need a pilot's license to operate it.

Requirements for Potential Owners

Commenting on the invention, Leng said a potential owner would need to complete a training course. He also needs to be at least 18 years of age.

He added, the nice thing about this personal aerial vehicle is that, in both the US and Canada, it is classified as an ultralight aircraft.

In the latter-mentioned country, an ultralight license is required, which is comparatively easy and upfront to obtain. Furthermore, for one to fly the vehicle, he needs to go through a short training program.

Director of operations, flight testing, and propulsion lead at Opener Kristina Menton said she thinks the most unique thing is that one can be an operator, another person can be one, as well, in approximately two days in a few hours of simulation how to fly the aircraft safely.

Report about the flying car is shown on Global News's YouTube video below:


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