Recent reports said that a hypersonic glider from China that completed a test flight several months ago appears to be more sophisticated than originally thought.

According to The Register, the aircraft could fire a missile, its second,  while it was traveling at "five times the speed of sound."

The glider was launched on top of a Long March 2C and completed at least one orbit of the planet before it detached and descended.

As the hypersonic glider passed over the South China Sea, it fired a missile while traveling on March 5, the first time any such device had attained this.

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Science Times - Hypersonic Glider of China: More Sophisticated Than Initially Believed; Reports Say It Fires Missile While Traveling at 5X the Speed of Sound
(Photo: Progressista on Wikimedia Commons)
Hypersonic glider vehicle in computer graphics.

US Military, Split Stance on the Test

Paper reports have specified that the United States military is divided on the test. Some believe the launched object was some test of a countermeasure against an attack on the glider. More so, some are saying it is some air-to-air weapon. The said missile fell into the ocean as the glider crashed into China.

Such progress is alarming as it needs to be to all seeking "peace and stability" in the area and outside it, said a US National Security Council spokesperson, The Economist said in a similar report.

This constructs the concern as well about numerous military capabilities that the Republic of China has continued pursuing.

A week ago, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the United States, General John Hyten, shared a few more information about the Chinese orbital test.

Appearing Like a First-Use Weapon

Sources proposed, too, that the aircraft was roughly two dozen miles off course. General Hyten claimed America was seriously falling in hypersonic, with China performing hundreds of hypersonic tests over the last five years compared to only nine "by Uncle Sam."

General Hyten claimed, too, that China had deployed a medium-range hypersonic weapons system, as well, a country the American nation was away from.

That, and the continuing military buildup, made the general nervous about the intentions of the United Kingdom with such hardware and, for instance, nuclear warheads.  

He described them as looking "look the first-use weapon," adding that such weapons appear to him. Definitely, the US has been attempting to devise its hypersonic weapons, although publicly, with small success.

Unaware of the Missile Test Performed in Early 2021

The AGM-183A glider weapon, as explained in The Aviationist report, was thought to have flown in December 2020, and then in April this year, and then, it had a failed launch in July, also this year, when its rockets were unsuccessful in igniting.

Meanwhile, according to the Chinese embassy in the US, it was not aware of the test of the missile it reportedly performed in early 2021,

It proposed, too, as others have, that the military of the US is keen to talk about the capabilities of China to justify continued weapons, development, and spending on weapons.

An embassy spokesperson, Liu Pengyu, said China is not interested in having an arms race with other nations.

In recent years, Pengyu explained that the US has been fabricating excuses like "the China threat" for the justification of its arms expansion and the development of hypersonic weapons.

Undoubtedly, some at the Pentagon appeared set on action. Over the weekend, vice-chief of space operation General David Thompson from the US Space Force told the Halifax International Security Forum that the US was not as advanced as China and Russia in terms of hypersonic.

Related information about the hypersonic glider of China is shown on The Sun's YouTube video below:


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