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Virtual Reality Technology Update: Oculus Rift Review

Mar 10, 2015 01:43 PM EDT

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Oculus VR is a leading technology company based in California, USA. The company was founded by the virtual reality enthusiast Palmer Luckey with the aim of developing and launching Oculus Rift, their virtual reality head-mounted display. For the research and development of Rift, Oculus VR has raised around $2.4M. In 2014, Oculus has already released two development kits of rift and it is expected to release the consumer version soon in 2015.

The rift is basically a headset for 3D gaming that enables the video game players to get into their favorite games and enjoy the virtual reality as if they were actually in the game. The idea of such a device was initiated by the drive of the gaming industry to offer increasingly immersive options to its booming user base. By offering a life-like virtual reality, Oculus Rift hopes to entice enthusiast game players who are passionate about stepping into the worlds of their favorite games.

Already, there are a number of virtual reality headsets available in the market but almost all of them lack the essential features that the Oculus Rift has, including high resolution, proper sound, and other important technical aspects. Oculus Rift deals with all such technical problems by providing high resolution display, wide view, proper and thrilling sound, and ultra low latency head tracking. This makes it one of the forerunners in the increasingly competitive field of virtual reality.

The developer kits set of oculus rift has following specifications:

  • 110 degree diagonal and 90 degree horizontal field of view
  • PC and mobile platforms
  • 6 degree of freedom for head tracking
  • 1280*800 resolution
  • 0.22KG weight

The upcoming consumer version is expected to further improve upon these specs along with providing Rift add-ons. That's going to be essential, considering the fact that Google now has their eyes on getting into the virtual reality fray as well.

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