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Jakarta Residents Get Headaches as Police Burn Drugs

Mar 24, 2015 09:27 AM EDT



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Residents of Tangerang, Jakarta reportedly suffered from mild headaches and other minor side effects following the destruction of a large amount of illegal drugs on Saturday by Jakarta Police. The narcotics involved included marijuana, crystal methamphetamine, and ecstasy pills, according to AsiaOne.

The report stated that 3.3 tons of marijuana were incinerated by the Palmerah Police Department in West Jakarta. However, the exact amount of the illegal herb that was destroyed seems to be under some debate. Some reports stated that only 390 kilograms of the drug were burned, while the Jakarta Post places the number at 500 kilos.

Tangerang Police Chief, Sr. Commander Riad told the Post that the marijuana was confiscated during a raid in Serpong, while the crystal methamphetamine was seized by airport customs agents. The crystal methamphetamine had a street value of nearly two million US dollars. The marijuana, provided the 500 kilo weight were true, would be valued around one million US Dollars.

The evidence was destroyed in an incinerator while eighteen suspects who were captured in the raids watched. The event was also covered by journalists and news crews, as it attracted a lot of public attention.

Several states in the US have recently passed laws legalizing the use of marijuana, which has been the topic of some hot debates over the last few years. Many people still argue that the use of marijuana as a recreational drug is unhealthy and bad for society. Others feel that the United States should be more progressive and “catch up” to other parts of the world where some drugs are legal for personal use.

What do you think? Should marijuana be legalized around the world, or should police continue to try to stem the flow of this substance?

If drugs like marijuana are to be destroyed, is incinerating it the best method, especially near residential areas?

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