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Google Chromebit Launched At USD $85

Nov 18, 2015 04:41 AM EST

(Photo : finance.yahoo.com) Google and ASUS announced the Chromebit

The tech company Google unveiled one of its innovative products, the Chromebit, earlier this year, in March. A lot of companies like Microsoft innovate the application of their devices. One example is the dock used by Windows phone that can turn any compatible screen or devices to run Windows 10 operating system, and just earlier today, the joint collaboration of Asus and Google launched the Chromebit made by Asus in the market in just USD $85.

It's a design-wise computer system that could be carried around with ease. The Chromebit has the ability to turn a TV or any screen into a PC operating with Chrome OS, and the device weighs about 2.6 ounces and connects to another device through the HDMI slot. The Chromebit supports a quadcore rockchip processor coupled with Mali 760 graphics and has a solid state storage of 16 GB and 2 GB of RAM, which provides a decent performance and fluid user experience. It also supports Wi-Fi and bluetooth technology for its connectivity.

The Chromebit though won't be actually very useful for heavy work-related application, it actually has its sweet spots for normal web application workers or even normal users because it can be used as an entertainment system in homes. It can actually access Netflix, Google play or any other entertainment sites once connected with the TV in the living room. It can be carried with ease to school and just plug into any available device and one can have an actual personal desktop upfront with its size. Unfortunately, the device only sports a single USB port, which means that the user actually has to use a wireless mouse and keyboard.

The Chromebit will be available in several United States retailers like Amazon and many others. It was also announced by the company that the device will be available in Australia, United Kingdom, Denmark. Finland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Taiwan.

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