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Apple Releases tvOS 9.1 For Fourth-Generation Apple TV

Dec 16, 2015 08:20 PM EST

Apple TV
(Photo : Reuters) The new Apple TV is displayed during an Apple media even

The Apple TV is one of the latest innovations that the Apple Company made over the past several years and on Dec. 8, 2015 the newest tvOS updates for it were released.

The tvOS 9.1 arrived last Tuesday when it became available for fourth-generation Apple TV users. One of its newest and most notable features is the added control for Siri on Apple Music. With the latest software update, the consumers can now use the Apple's voice assistant by saying audible commands such as "Play Adele's newest single" or "Play the top song on my playlist."

But that's not all, Siri's integration in the tvOS 9.1 also means that the users can ask music-related queries such as "What is the #1 song on Billboard?" or "What is the top song of 2015?" Aside from this, the newest update also provides a remote app for IOS. This new feature on the Apple TV will let the users control the screen of the television using the Apple device that it's connected to. This particular feature not only includes mobiles but Apple watches can be used for it as well.

It has also been reported that some developers have found support for App Folders. The latest tvOS 9.1 also comes with a set of new bug fixes for issues and concerns that the company has received implemented on its current version. 

The Apple company has firmly stated that a lot of improvements took place on how the Apple TV handles networking through tvOS 9.1. It also proudly announced the improving scrolling performance of the device when interacting with two different parties through the use of the Siri remote.

The tvOS 9.1 is very important because it's the first major update that the company did for fourth-generation Apple TV. However, it has been the second overall since last November the company has released a tvOS 9.0.1 version. This particular version has come with only minor bug fixes.

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