Rocky 'Super Earth' was found included in the 60 planets beside Earth. The discovery proves Earth has neighbors in the Solar System.

Evidence of neighboring planets were recently discovered by an international team of astronomers, Fox News reported. The 60 planets include a rocky planet which is later then called "Super Earth." Gliese 411b caught the attention of Dr. Mikko Tuomi from the University of Herdfordshire's Center for Astrophysics because of its unusual identity.

Dr. Tuomi pertains Gliese 411b as the "hot surface earth with a rocky surface." Even though it looks similar to Earth, Dr. Tuomi believes that due to its very hot surface, no life is able to exist. Likewise, the "Super Earth" is the third nearest planet to the Sun, the foreseen reason of its very hot temperature.

Dr. Tuomi added that it's a bit strange for when they took a closer look at the nearest stars, all of it looks like other planets orbiting them. According to USA Today, unbelievable but the discovery of the planets were only based on observations taken by the US astronomers in 1997. Meanwhile, the last 20 years of Lick-Carnegie Exoplanet Survey using a Keck-I telescope, 61,000 observations of 1,600 stars were derived.

Additionally, 54 exoplanets were also discovered, giving a total of 114 new worlds in the Earth's solar system. However, the said "Super Earth" or Gliese 411b and the other Gliese 411 which was also found has distance of eight light years from Earth.

Future plans of Dr. Tuomi is to build a giant telescope that can be used to see and get close images or the newly found planets particularly the "Super Earth." It is because the 20 to 300 light years away distance of these 60 planets are not accessible by their most updated telescope. Besides, the doctor is expecting to discover more and more other planets in the Earth's Solar System for the hope of finding a "New Earth."