Microsoft is probably not going to launch the said Surface Phone anytime this 2017. Rather, the gadget release date won't occur until 2018 as another report asserted Satya Nadella's envisioned "ultimate Mobile phone" is far from ready.

If the Surface Phone is the game changer that Microsoft CEO, Nadella, is imagining it to be then the possibility is not very great that there will be an unboxing to be seen this year. As indicated by Windows Central, the Windows 10-powered handset turning out this year could confirm prematurely. More probably, the launching will be 2018 but even that is not yet set in real.

Nadella says in an  interview with the Financial Interview, "keep on being in the telephone market, not as characterized by today's market pioneers, but rather by what it is that we can particularly do in what is the most ultimate mobile phone." 

The one thing that is deemed to set the Surface Phone up for a decent take off is adequate developer's' support. Windows Central is persuaded that apps will make or break the smallest of the Surface mobile phones and apps to make the Surface Phone an intriguing or convincing gadget won't be made accessible until 2018.

Another vital part is steady connectivity. "Cell PCs are the indications to the ultramobile Surface," Windows Central stated, including that dependable applications and stable cell connection, rather than Wi-Fi, will further upgrade Microsoft's plan of securing the Surface Phone on a strong ecosystem.

This probably is the Surface Phone that Nadella is imagining about, however, the acknowledgment may be pushed back a bit if indeed the gadget release date has been moved from 2017, as earlier rumored, to 2018.