A new research has found out that testosterone therapy increased the risk of a man getting a cardiovascular attack. Though testosterone therapy increases the hormones and many other positive things, men with a history of cardiovascular illnesses should stop.

A total of five papers were published and they were all about testosterone therapy. JAMA and JAMA Internal Medicine recently published the papers that discussed what testosterone treatment can do to a men's body. Medical News Today has reported that the four studies explained testosterone therapy and its effects on bone density, anemia, cognitive function, and the buildup of coronary plaque. The last study is about its effect on overall cardiovascular health.

The researchers of the fifth study have conducted seven clinical trials with 12 medical centers across the United States and National Institute on Aging. They called the tests T Trials. They studied the effects of testosterone treatment on men aged 65 and older.

A total of 51,085 men were studied. There were 790 participants picked because of their very low testosterone levels. The researchers concluded that testosterone therapy increases bone density and reduces anemia, even if its causes were known or not.  However, it has increased the men's risk of having cardiovascular diseases, according to WebMD.

The T trials have revealed that the overall cardiovascular health of men was very low. There was more coronary artery plaque buildup. They also found out that those who were given testosterone therapy had a larger increase in the volume of noncalcified plaque than the controlled group. However, the study's sample is too little and the time is too short for it to be all true for everybody.

"Treating 788 men for 1 year is far too few to draw conclusions about the clinical significance of the increase in coronary artery plaque volume and the cardiovascular risk of testosterone treatment," Dr. Peter J. Snyder, a professor of Medicine in the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism at the University of Pennsylvania explained.

There are enough health benefits that testosterone treatment gives. It can balance the negative once so everything will be fine.