NASA is going to have a press conference today to launch new EXO planets. NASA has discovered many new planets that orbit other stars in other solar systems.

Scientists, astronomers and researchers will be in the press conference. CNN has reported that the press conference will be at 1 pm, New York time. It will also be live streamed on NASA's channel and website.

According to the Independent, NASA is going to accept public questions. People can use social media to ask them whatever they are curious about using the hashtag #AskNasa. NASA will also have a session with Reddit and Ask Me Anything (AMA) after the press conference.

This is the golden age of discovering exo planets, scientists said. Exo planets are planets that are very much alike to Earth. People in NASA have been seeing a glimpse of them for the last 20 years but this year has been really great.  

Discoveries have been made in the past years. A gas planet like the Jupiter was the first exo planet found. After that, scientists have realized that there are many planets that are very much the same as Earth; in temperature and mass. With the fund that NASA has, it will be in no time that they will find more exo planets that people might inhabit into the future.

Last year was especially great because there were three planets found orbiting a dwarf star. It is also very close to our sun. Kepler has found more than a thousand exo planets. Half of them are like Earth and might be habitable. Kepler 2 has found 104 more, adding to what Kepler found. Four of the newly found exo planets might be supporting life. Two of them were debunked because they were too hot but two are in their habitable zone.

These discoveries will be more because NASA will launch the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, in 2017 and the James Webb Space Telescope in 2018. These two satellites will continue the search for life beyond Earth.