Some countries disprove the use of vaccine because of mythical theories linking it to autism, infertility and abortion. United States, Pakistan and Afghanistan are few of the countries that were baffled regarding the issues of vaccine which affected its utilization.

 National Geographic tackled the vaccine policy wherein Donald Trump has broadcasted the fears about vaccines regarding couple of reasons. One issue regarding getting a vaccine shot is autism; the link between the two has been studied extensively and been debunked after it was proven to have no any legal basis. Scientific-based studies have found no any evidence that either MMR vaccine or any infant shot may lead to autism.

Abortion has also a special role in creating vaccine. According to History of Vaccines, in 1960's there was a major outbreak of rubella. When mothers are infected with rubella, the baby will suffer from congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) that causes; deafness, heart disease, encephalitis, pneumonia, and mental retardation. In order to avoid CRS some pregnant women infected by rubella decided to terminate their pregnancy.

The aborted fetus was then sent to Stanley Plotkin for more rubella research. Plotkin found and isolated the rubella virus from the kidney while Leonard Hayflick developed a cell strain using lung cells from the aborted fetus. The strain was eventually called WI-38.

After the development of rubella vaccine from WI-38, there were major ethical and health issues. There were concerns that the rubella shot may cause other side effects and maybe contaminated with some pathogens. Religious groups that object abortion have raised ethical probes regarding the Plotkin's Rubella Vaccine over the years. The Catholic Church has asked the moral guidance on the use of vaccines using human cells.

Meanwhile, Science Times recently reported the current proposed vaccine policy between Trump and Kennedy. The proposal is to investigate more on the side-effects of the vaccines to further assure its safety and efficacy. However, Trump's administration backed out the said proposal and revealed that the decision is not final.

Currently, two main human cell strains were used to develop commercially available vaccines. The WI-38 cell was developed in 1961 in the United States while MRC-5 was developed in 1965 at United Kingdom.