Greece is planning to join the world's space race. There will be a Greek Space Agency made and run by public and private effort for the benefit of the country.

Greece is one of the few European countries that has not established a well-organized space agency. Greece will try and join the race, Nikko Pappas, the minister of Greece's Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media said in an interview at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. "The Greek space agency will coordinate public and private institutions in order to make the best use of the country's capabilities in the sector of space and satellite applications," reported Bloomberg.

In 2008, Greece suffered many losses, one of those is their educated people about 500,000 educated individuals have flown the country to find better future in other countries. With this project, Pappas is hoping they could regain Greece draining brains. The project will open up opportunities, like better work for the people.

Not only Greece is going to join the space race but Belgium too, according to Reuters. Belguim will set up a space agency next year. Interfederal Space Agency of Belgium (ISAB) will be set up next year, science minister Elke Sleurs said. This move will help local industries increase their hope to Belgium's 5-percent share of the EU's 7 billion-euro a year space industry, she added.

However, these two countries got nothing compared to Russia. Russia is now accepting people to become their passengers to beat Elon Musk's SpaceX venture, stated Mail Online. Bringing people into space might be commercially available I early 2019 as Russia is also betting on doing it. They even have started selling tickets for 250 grand per individual. KosmoKurs will be bringing six passengers into space for 15 minutes where two-thirds of it people will experience being weightless.

More and more country will open their own space agency and will beat one another. Also, more and more private space companies will try to get money out of people who want to experience living in space.