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Mysterious Bronze Aged Dolmen Discovered In The Galilee Hill In Jerusalem

Mar 07, 2017 01:12 AM EST

4,000-year-old Structure With Mysterious Engravings Discovered In Galilee
(Photo : VINnews/ You Tube) Archaeologists from Tel Hai College, the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have recently discovered a mysterious dolmen (a large table-like stone structure) over 4,000 years old in a large field of dolmens, adjacent to Kibbutz Shamir in the Upper

Archeologists from Tel Hai College, Israel Antique Authority and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem discovered a 4000-year old Dolmen at Kibbutz Shamir in the upper part of Galilee hill range. This megalithic stone structure is shaped like the table and engraved with unique as well as mysterious arts on its ceiling.

A statement made on Sunday by Israel Antique Authority, where they said that the huge dimension made this dolmen unique from others. In this regard, they published their brief study in a scientific journal PLOS One. According to their study, this millennia-old megalithic structure actually built in intermediate Bronze Age around 2350-2000 BCE.

The Dolmen is a type of megalithic single chamber Tomb. Most of the Dolmens are basically shaped like a table and most of them surrounded by a Heap of stones. There is a study related information said that the dimension of the heap stone is around twenty meters and surrounded with stones having estimated weight around four hundred tons. The chamber inside that dolmen is large and measured around two by three meters and covered with a huge stone having estimated weight around 50 tons at least.

This is the first art ever documented in a dolmen in the Middle-East said Uri Berger, an archeologist from IAA. There are many dolmens stand around the Ancient Israel but their intention still not been resolved. However, the discovery of engraved dolmen may lead to finding the answer.

In this regard, a member of the archeological team made a statement that the engraved shapes depict a straight line going to the center of an arc. About fifteen such engravings were documented on the ceiling of the dolmen, spread out in a kind of arc along the ceiling. No parallels exist for these shapes in the engraved rock drawings of the Middle East and their significance remains a mystery.

The latest update in Jerusalem post claimed that researchers from Hebrew university created an innovative computerized three-dimensional Archaeology Laboratory which represents a three-dimensional model of engraving. It helps to identify the engraving where naked eye couldn't identify that.

The strong evidence behind the significance of this dolmens is not been revealed yet. However, archeologists confirmed that the dolmen is undoubtedly an indication of public construction.

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