Physicists Finally Achieved Room-Temperature Superconductivity

A team of New York-based physicists has achieved one of modern science's most sought after phenomena - a material that conducts electricity with virtually perfect efficiency in what is known as superconductivity - with new material, and at higher temperatures.
Meet the 5 Women in Science Who Made History

Meet 5 Women Who Made Scientific History

Men mainly dominate the scientific community. But some women also made significant contributions to the field of science like the women in this article.
Unique Enzyme Combination May Help Reduce Global Plastic Waste

Two "Pac-Men" Enzymes Can Consume Plastic Waste Efficiently

Plastic-consuming organisms have been discovered years ago, yet aren't enough to efficiently rid of global plastic pollution. In a recent study, scientists combined two plastic-consuming enzymes that eat plastic up to three times faster than their natural counterparts.
Science Times - This Startup Is Growing Sushi-Grade Salmon From Cells in a Lab

This Startup Is Growing Sushi-Grade Salmon From Cells in a Lab

Eating fish, then, seems preferable to meat. In fact, according to the Global Aquaculture Alliance, 3.1 billion people around the world now rely on fish and seafood for a fifth of their daily animal protein intake. Fish are also one of our only sources of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids.
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