B-TENG Device: Tiny Wind Turbine Harvets Energy From a Breeze

Small Wind Turbine Can Someday Power Electronic Devices

Chinese scientists develop a tiny wind turbine that can harvest energy from a light breeze. The developers hope that someday it can be used to power electronic devices, provide electricity for communities where energy is scarce, and even compete with traditional wind turbines.
Science Times - The World Is Designed for Men – but Smart Energy Systems Don't Have To Be

The World Is Designed for Men—but Smart Energy Systems Don't Have To Be

Air-conditioned offices often take average male body temperatures as the reference point, PPE sizes are based on male body sizes and characteristics. The tech sector continues to be a male-dominated field producing innovation and design that can reinforce gender stereotypes, or ignore the needs of women completely.
The Physics of Throwing a Football

The Physics of Throwing a Football

Whenever there is a discussion about the best way to throw a football, people will often focus on the grip, the footwork, and even the arm motion before release. What you may not hear as much is the physics involved.
Germany Invests In Renewable Energy Sources

Apple to Invest in Denmark's 650-ft Wind Turbines

Apple will be investing toward the construction of two 650-foot-tall onshore wind turbines near the town of Esbjerg, Denmark, the tech giant announced in a press release Thursday, September 3.
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