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Simple Tips in Surviving a Blizzard When Stuck Outside

Wearing the right clothes can help in surviving being stuck outside during a blizzard -- even when not inside a car. According to Dornford, there were reports of people suffering from frostbites because they are not wearing the right clothes.
Out Comes the Mole

Troublemaking Mars Lander "Mole" Is Digging Again

Images were captured documenting the situation from every angle, even evaluated the soil and the rocks in the area and mimicked those characteristics here on Earth to do some testing. As if like the mole is already tired of the whole mission, the camera was able to document that the mole popped out of Martian crust.
File:Coyle Industries Portable Solar Power System

Solar vs. Diesel Generators: Why Solar Powered Generators are the Future

Have you been wondering which could be the best generators to buy for lighting your home or commercial buildings? You are not sure if to go for the solar or diesel generators, right? Well, we are here to help. First, without beating around the bush, solar generators are the best generators. Actually, soon, these generators will dominate the market.
5 Innovative Ways to Conserve Energy

5 Innovative Ways to Conserve Energy

Are your electricity bills becoming higher and higher day by day? If that is the case, the solution to this problem isn't making compromises in your lifestyle or to find more money to pay them.
Artificial Leaf can be a Petrol Replacement

Artificial Leaf to Replace Petrol? Find Out How it Works!

The team of scientists developing the artificial leaf for petrol replacement said they could manage to make the device sustainable, not like the other devices used in their past studies. Fortunately, a combination of catalysts and materials were used to make the leaf a sustainable one.
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