An Illustration of the Human Digestive Tract

Establishing Connections Between Gut and Brain Symptoms

Neuroscientists refer to the "gut-brain-axis," or GBA is the bidirectional communication between the gut and the brain - helping explain how nervousness gives the feeling of having "butterflies in the stomach."
Stem Cells Open Doors To Greater Understanding Of Neurlogical Diseases

Giving Cells a "Squeeze" Makes Them Divide Faster

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Boston Children's Hospital have found that physically crowding cells, or "squeezing" them, affects the rate at which they grow and develop.
Deaf man choosing hearing aid

The Future of NANO Type Hearing Aids: What Research Says

Modern technology and artificial intelligence (AI) have allowed the industry to cater to higher customer demand, resolve light to severe hearing aid problems, and play an active role in the treatment of hearing impairment.
B-TENG Device: Tiny Wind Turbine Harvets Energy From a Breeze

Small Wind Turbine Can Someday Power Electronic Devices

Chinese scientists develop a tiny wind turbine that can harvest energy from a light breeze. The developers hope that someday it can be used to power electronic devices, provide electricity for communities where energy is scarce, and even compete with traditional wind turbines.
Carbon Nanotubes Act as Efficient Filter During Desalination Processes

Researchers Develop Carbon Nanotube Water Filters

Desalination processes to produce potable water are essential for all communities, especially in areas where water is scarce. However, traditional methods go through multiple processes resulting in additional costs and energy. Scientists developed artificial carbon nanotubes as an efficient filtration system.
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