Novel Cancer Drugs: Are They Worth It?

Many new cancer medications have sprung, each one promising to bring better results than the last, but are they really worth all the extra costs?

Could Steve Jobs Still Be Alive?

The internet has gone crazy over the weekend sharing pictures of a man that looked a lot like Steve Jobs all the way from Egypt.
Researchers Discover New Potential Target in Brain Cancer

Researchers Discover New Potential Target in Brain Cancer

The team discovered that inhibiting ID1 slows the progression of tumors in glioblastoma, breast adenocarcinoma, and melanoma. In human tissue, researchers found that the protein caused cells to be more resistant to chemotherapy treatment in glioblastoma
Cancer treatment

Laser Can Detect Cancer Cells And Kill It

Cancer has become one of the most common causes of deaths around the world. Man, woman, old and young -- all these can fall victim to cancer and all its many forms. This is the reason why the quest for a cure for cancer has been going on for years. New studies reveal that they may just have found the cancer zapper that everyone can't wait to try.
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