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Scientists From China Develop AI-Based Cancer Diagnostic Tool

Detection of cancer and metastasis is now made easier using a breakthrough AI-assisted cancer diagnostic tool developed by Chinese scientists. It provides a faster and more accurate approach in detecting lymph nodes affected by cancer compared to traditional methods such as the MRI.
cancer surgery glowing dye

Clean Margins in Cancer Surgery Made Possible by Glowing Dye: Study

A group of researchers has determined that an injectable dye, which glows under near-infrared light, could illuminate cancerous tissues in the primary tumor and affected lymph nodes. The scientists believe that the dye, called indocyanine green, could ensure that surgeries involving malignant tumors would have "clean margins."
coronavirus vaccine cancer immunotherpy

Cancer Immunotherapy Tools Used to Mark Targets for COVID-19 Vaccine: Study

Scientists claim that tools used in cancer immunotherapies could also be used to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus in a new study. By using the same method in eliciting an immune response against cancer cells, the researchers believe that by using the approach, a resulting vaccine would protect COVID-19.
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