Cigarette smoking

Cigarette Smoking

How Tales of Rotting May Inspire Smokers to Quit

A new campaign developed by the Public Health England (PHE) organization aimed at encouraging long-term smokers to quit may have people putting their cigarettes down after warning smokers about how smoking "rots" the body from within. The new graphic online and in-print billboard advertisements feature a roll-up cigarette full of decaying tissue. And while the images are rather graphic, some even saying too uncomfortable for an international campaign, the organization is clearly defending the aim of the ads, claiming they're intended to try and shock smokers into giving up the potentially lethal habit.
Hookah Smoking

Hookah Leads To Increased Probability Of Smoking Cigarettes Amongst Teens

Waterpipe, narghile, arghila, qalyān, shisha-- all these refer to Hookah, a single or multi-stemmed instrument for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco called shisha. In recent years Hookah smoking has been a popular activity among college students due to its flavor, smell and sweet taste; as well as it has also been used as a tool for socialization. A new study, however, reveals that Hookah smoking may eventually increase the risk of cigarette smoking in adolescents.
Men Smoking Cirag

Smoking Linked To Loss Of Y Chromosome Amongst Men, Leading To Shorter Life Span

Ever wondered why men who smoke have a shorter life spans compared to female smokers? A recent study may have provided the answer for this query as it revealed an association between smoking and loss of the Y chromosome in male smokers. According to the Uppsala University (in Sweden) research which was published in the journal Science, male smokers were three times more likely to lose their Y chromosomes, compared with non-smoking men.
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