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How to Recognize Signs of a Stroke

Almost a million people suffer from stroke every year which eventually leads to death. Here are some of the early warning signs of a stroke
Quitting Smoking

Some Smokers’ Brains Hardwired for Quitting Success

Have you ever wondered why you have had such a hard time quitting smoking while other people you know simply put them down and never looked back? In a new study, researchers found that the brains of smokers who do manage to quit may actually be "hardwired" for success in kicking the habit.

China Hikes Cigarette Tax in Hopes of Curbing Consumption

If you're a smoker in China, you'll be paying about a penny more per puff, now that the Chinese government has decided to hike taxes on cigarettes. In an effort to curb the public's avid consumption, while at the same time raise tax revenue, the government announced Friday they will be increasing taxes on cigarettes from 5% to 11%, beginning May 10.
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