coronavirus lockdown

Melbourne Lockdown Second Coronavirus Wave

Melbourne on Coronavirus Lockdown: Borders Closed for the First Time in 100 Years

Melbourne will once again enter into lockdown and close its borders effective on the midnight of July 8, Wednesday. As Australia seems to be entering its second wave of the coronavirus, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says strict measures need to be observed to ensure that it doesn't spread to other nearby states.
toddler tries to wake up dead mother in India

Watch: Tragic Video of Oblivious Toddler Playing Next to His Dead Mother Who Collapsed Due to Exhaustion in India's Train Station

As COVID-19 badly hits India, millions of Indians are left under terrible living conditions, as many are left jobless, hungry, and stranded. As a consequence, some of them have died, including 35-year-old Arbina Khatoon, who collapsed in a train station in India while trying to get home. Click the link above to watch the harrowing video of her son playing beside her dead body.

Is the Coronavirus Lockdown to Blame for 15-year Old Boy’s Suicide?

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, many of us are now stuck at home. Is it taking a toll on your mental health? The lockdown has recently been linked to a few cases of suicide. Click to find out how a 15-year old boy was found dead at his home in South Wales 5 days after UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson enforced the lockdown.
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