Scientists Digging Deep Into Dinosaur Killing Crater

The catastrophic impact that ended the reign of dinosaurs on Earth has long been of interest to scientists around the world. In an attempt to learn more about what happened 65 million years ago, scientists plan to drill some 5,000 feet deep into the Chicxulub Crater, the lasting scar from this world changing event.

Getting to the Core of Extinction—Researchers Return to Crater That Caused Millions of Dinosaurs to Die

It’s no big surprise as to why we exited the Jurassic period. The dinosaurs and their lineage ended with a shocking crash when a catastrophic asteroid plummeted to Earth, and dust and debris blocked out the Sun. But now researchers are hoping that by going back to the site of the impact they may be able to learn a bit more about ancient biological and geological processes, and perhaps even what cosmic changes led to the asteroid’s impact.
Siberian Crater

Should Mysterious Craters in Siberia Be Cause for Concern?

Earlier this past summer when a mysterious giant crater was discovered in northern Siberia’s Yamal Peninsula, many believed the phenomenon to be far too strange to be a natural occurrence. Ironically named “Yamal” which means “the end of the world”, much skepticism surrounded early news of the phenomenon. And when images hit the web a myriad of theories abounded, leading viewers to throw reason to the wind claiming that the crater was either a man-made hoax, a site for a meteorite crash, or even the workings of an alien UFO.
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