Science Times - Study Shows the Long-Term Impacts of Yelling at a Dog

Long-Term Impacts of Yelling at a Dog

A study finds that 'aversive training' like positive punishment, as well as negative reinforcement, could result in long-term impacts on the mental state of the dog.
Ivy Drinking Water

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks, But You Can’t Clean Up Their Drinking Habits

Any pet lover knows that it comes as no surprise to discover that dogs aren’t quite as graceful as their feline friends, the cat. While a kitten will take a hundred little sips to lap up a saucer of milk, a puppy will likely splatter the milk all over the floor before drooling out half of the contents – and we love them for that. But while you may chalk up the messy behavior to a carefree disposition or a hasty nature, behavioral ethologists who study the exquisite techniques of getting a drink have recently discovered that cats and dogs have distinct strategies of their own. And each one benefits the species in its own unique way.
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