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E-Scooters: Are They Bad For the Environment?

E-Scooters: Are They Bad for the Environment?

There was a surge in the use of e-scooters when the economies reopened after the lockdowns were lifted, but most people do not know that they have hidden impacts on the environment.
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Did NYC Mayor Just Ban Glass Skyscrapers?

During a press conference held on Earth Day, Bill DeBlasio, the mayor of New York, seemed to have threatened to ban glass skyscrapers, which was later clarified in his speech.
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Sewers Could Help Clean Our Atmosphere

Researchers have concluded that sewer plants serving municipalities worldwide offer a major option for capturing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Although cautioning that research and development is needed before the systems could be deployed, the team identified several potentially viable paths to using sewage as a carbon sink — that is, sewer plants could clean the atmosphere as they clean water.
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