ISIS Allegedly Created Its Own App

ISIS Allegedly Creates Own Encrypted Messaging App

Medicine & Technology The militant group Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) has reportedly devised an encrypted Android messaging app dubbed as Alrawi. The app allegedly allows communication among its members without being caught or interrupted by security agencies and the government.

Climate Change Helped Fuel Syrian Civil War

By now it is pretty clear that we are beginning to experience visible effects resulting from climate change. Melting ice sheets, extreme drought and even heavy rain and snowfall can all be attributed to climate change. But one of the most terrifying results of climate change is the increased threat of war. A new study has found evidence that climate change stoked the fires and helped plunge Syria into civil war.
ISIS Soldiers

Biological Warfare on the Horizon? ISIS Soldiers May Be Infected With Ebola

It’s what national security organizations have feared since day one—the World Health Organization (WHO) announced last week that they are evaluating jihadist militants associated with ISIS, who may have contracted the virus responsible for Ebola. While the WHO has yet to confirm whether or not the fighters are exhibiting symptoms, the current evaluations of a Mosul hospital 250 miles north of Baghdad are prompting concerns that the fringe extremist group ISIS may in fact be able to obtain a biological weapon unlike anything the world has seen before.
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