Cancer Charities Accused of Misappropriating Millions

In what government officials are calling one of the largest charity fraud cases ever, the Cancer Fund of America and its charities have been charged by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and regulators from 50 states and the District of Columbia. The FTC says that almost all of the nearly $200 million the charities garnered from donors were spent by the cancer-free family and friends of those running the groups—spent on things like meals at Hooters, Caribbean couples’ cruises, subscriptions to dating websites, jet ski rides, and Victoria’s Secret shopping trips.

The Earth Now Has a Flag to Plant on Mars

Does the Earth need a flag? Right now, maybe not, at least not until we have actually land on another planet such as Mars or meet an alien civilization for the first time. But that doesn’t mean that designing one is pointless, and a new project has proven exactly that.

A Wintry Affair—How Oregon's Lost Lake Disappears

The volcanic roots of Oregon's Mount Hood National Forest become evident each year when the mysterious Lost Lake vanishes. Near the Hoodoo Ski Area, the water of Lost Lake escapes through a hole on the north shore like water down a drain.

Can Fructose Make You Eat More? A Sugary Debate

When it comes to the sugars that we eat, would you believe that our bodies may respond more positively to some rather than others? It’s a pretty simple assumption that our bodies may respond differently to each sugar we ingest, but it turns out that the physiological responses and mental associations made are far more complex than even researchers in neurobiology could have ever assumed. In a new study published this week in the journal PNAS, researchers with the University of Southern California investigated appetite responses and food choices with regards to ingestion of fructose versus glucose. And what the researchers found was that fructose was far more likely to be dangerous to your diet.

A Final Scene from Mercury—MESSENGER’s Last View

Before its crash-landing into the surface of its long-studied host planet, NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft sent back its final view of the surface of Mercury. And now NASA is sharing it with you. Exceeding all expectations and lasting more than 4 times its original mission timeline, the spacecraft has been instrumental to NASA’s vast studies of the other planets within our solar system, so with this image and a fiery display to end its mission with flair, the space agency is paying homage to MESSENGER and its long life in orbit.
Mission to Mars

Signed Up to Go to Mars? Better Think Again, While You Have the Chance

We understand the drive and the passion to explore the new and unknown frontiers of space, but when it comes to the loss of cognitive function or serious IQ points, we know where to draw the line. While humans as a species, and space agencies now, have been speaking about traveling to other planets for as long as anyone can remembers, now knowing what awaits us in space may change a few of your minds—literally.
Ebola Outbreak

Ebola Can Be Transmitted Through Sex

U.S. health officials now say that the Ebola virus can be transmitted when survivors of the disease have unprotected sex and could even occur many months after being declared free of the virus.
Mission on Mars

Cosmic Radiation Reveals Devastating Affects on the Brain—What Plans Will This Change for NASA?

When it comes to life on Earth, we’re one of the most fragile species there is. But thanks to the rather perfect confluence of circumstances and cosmic events, we’re mostly shielded from the dangers of space. Strong ultraviolet rays are kept out, our vital oxygen and water are kept in, and life continues blissfully. But what happens when we leave our own little planet in search of others? What protection do we have then?

Evading Your Age—Can You Beat Microsoft’s Programmers?

When it comes to the age of the internet, often the way we speak and interact on the interweb can cause us to become associated with those of an older or younger age group, based on linguistics, posting behavior and even what our friends say about us on our public page. But when it comes to the hard fact, and the face behind the screen it’s often difficult to conceal our true ages, even when we’d like to shave a few off.

May Will Be a Big Month for Sky Gazers

May is shaping up to be one of the best months of 2015 for sky gazers and amateur astronomers across the world with planet watching and meteor showers just some of the highlights of what will be available to see in the night sky.
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