quantum theory

VIDEO—Watch How Researchers Tricked Light Into Revealing Its Paradoxical Nature

If you ever thought that you were alone in not understanding how light could both be a particle and a wave, you need not worry because you weren’t. In fact, for the better part of a century since Einstein theorized the dual nature of light, even researchers have had a tough time digesting the out-of-the-box quantum physics that this notion required to be true. Many researchers simply assumed that since the math checked out, and Einstein being the brilliant genius that he was, that the theory was right. But now, with some clever experimental design and a super-powered electron microscope, researchers are putting the doubts to rest and proving Einstein’s theory once and for all.

The Light Theory—How Researchers Are Proving Einstein Right With a Snapshot

As one of these few disciplines, quantum physics falls into a realm of science where well-documented and highly regarded theories take precedence. But explaining these theories requires a deep understanding of the underlying science, and devising lab experiments to illustrate them is a near impossible feat. One research team of American and Swiss physicists with the EPFL Labs in Switzerland, however, are doing just that. And equipped with some wire, a laser and quick-capturing electron microscope they’re proving what Einstein theorized was true — light can act as a particle and a wave.
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