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Frankfurt Book Fair 2013

Explaining Nerdiness: An Uncommon Reward System

Some people find excitement in knowing new things. There is something about studying everything about a topic - from the technical to the literary - identifying its nuances and pouring hours upon hours of reading and studying. This habit is commonly known as being a nerd.
Rehabilitating Chimpanzees - A Labour Of Love

Like Humans, Chimps Also Prefer Less Friends Later in Life

As humans grow older, they lean towards smaller circles of known and trusted friends instead of actively seeking new ones. According to a new study, this behavior is not limited to homo sapiens - finding the same behavior in chimpanzees.
Science Times - To Change Coronavirus Behaviors, Think Like a Marketer

To Change Coronavirus Behaviors, Think Like a Marketer

COVID-19 has been a humbling experience. From a frayed pandemic early-warning system to a shortage of personal protective equipment for front-line workers, public health experts have been playing catch up.
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