Scientists Turned Coronavirus into a Relaxing Japanese Lullaby in Search For Its Weak Spots

Whoever thought coronavirus could create such beautiful sounds? For a virus that is feared worldwide, it produces such a calming melody that can drift you off to sleep. Scientists are studying the structure of the coronavirus through sonification to determine the virus' weak spot. These efforts are in line with finding a cure for the disease. Click to hear how coronavirus sounds.

Ringing Ears from Tinnitus Results in Extensive Brain Activity

Have you ever dealt with that constant ringing in your ears that just won’t seem to go away? You are not alone, according to researchers one in every five people is affected with the problem. The medical condition, known as Tinnitus, causes patients to hear a constant ringing in their ears. However, researchers have now discovered that tinnitus varies greatly from person to person and in some cases the ringing may not actually be there at all.
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