Sperm Whales

A Whale of a Tale About Why Leviathans Got so Big

A Whale of a Tale: This is How the Leviathans Got so Big

One of the biggest questions in the natural world is why a whale is the most immense creatures, weighing even more than several elephants. Next to that is why and how these leviathans of the deep get so honking big and whether or not they can still grow bigger.

Two Sperm Whale Deaths Spark Conversation of Conservation Efforts in Florida

In light of two deaths this week, Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is bringing attention to important conservation work along the Floridian shores and are asking the public to stay informed on critically endangered species in the area, whose lives may depend on the help of humans.

After Shark Attack, Mother and Newborn Sperm Whales are Put Down on Neptune Beach

A story that should have celebrated the birth of another whale into the world ended in tragedy Monday, after the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission made the decision to put two sperm whales down. Though often rapid response units are able to successful push whales back out to shore after a brief beaching, the circumstances surrounding the beaching led local officials to make the life-or-death decision.
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