UFOs As Time Machine From The Future

A professor claims that UFOs are time machines from the future and they are seen today to record the Earth’s past that is now.
UFO Sighting

Massive UFO Sighting: Captured By NASA's Onboard Camera On ISS

Recently a UFO evidence has come into the limelight when a video leaked on YouTube on 2nd March. The Video alleged that a mysterious large unknown flying saucer-like vessel appeared on the onboard cam screen of International Space Station or ISS.
Mercury UFO

UFO Spotted in 1960 NASA Mercury Mission Photo

A prominent UFO researcher Scott C Waring has found something strange in the 55 year old photo from NASA that was taken by an unmanned space capsule from the Mercury Project in the early days of the United States space program. The strange discovery has led the researcher to ask whether alien observers have been keeping an eye on mankind's missions into space from the beginning.
Massive Sinkhole in Siberia's

Massive Crater in Siberia Sparks Conversations of UFOs and Bermuda Triangle

For those who have ventured to Siberia in their lifetime, you know that there is a mysterious air about the desolate arctic tundra plains. But earlier this summer when a giant sinkhole was discovered in northern Siberia’s Yamal Peninsula, researchers realized just how strange it may be.
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