Freshwater Reservoir Discovered Beneath The Ocean

Geologists have discovered a giant reservoir of freshwater underneath the North Atlantic ocean. While the size of this cache was rather surprising, researchers say that it shouldn't be unexpected. It was in the 1970s when first signals of the freshwater reservoir was noticed but it was not until recently that people suspected it to be a rather big one. It is trapped in porous rock that is suspected to run the entire length of the North-East side of the US.
Coral Reef

Coral Reef in Italy Discovered

When you want to go diving to see those majestic coral reefs, Italy is probably not the first country you'd consider going to. In fact, it might not be one of the countries that's in your short list. Nobody knew of the coral reef hiding in the great coast of Italy until now.
Underwater Robots

Undersea Robots Come To The Rescue

The Great Barrier Reef serves not only as a World Heritage Site, but it also the home to a lot of underwater creatures. But global warming has clearly affected its ecological balance and it needs all the help it could get.
Coral Reef

The Beautiful Coral Reefs Will Soon Be History

Scientists claim that by 2050, 90% of the coral reef would have died. Already half of the reefs are over In the last 30 years and unless drastic measures are taken, its extinction is inevitable.
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