Virtual Reality

VRSEC's Virtual Telepresence Robot

Indian Students Created Virtual Telepresence Robot With VR Display

A pair of students who recently graduated from VR Siddhartha Engineering College (VRSEC) in Kanuru, Andhra Pradesh in India, have created a virtual telepresence robot, transmitting its feed in a virtual reality environment - making users perceive the location as if they were also there.
UNMC Davis Global Center

UNMC Unveils The Teaching Hospital of the Future

The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) has opened the Davis Global Center r - a teaching hospital equipped with cutting-edge technology for medical professionals of the future.
Using the Virtual Environment to Study Crime

Using the Virtual Environment to Study Crime

The results showed a striking degree of knowledge and skill by experienced burglars in choosing which home to target, how to navigate inside and what to take, revealing unprecedented insight into crime prevention
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