Virtual Reality

The Reality Behind the Lawsuit That's Facing Oculus Rift

Oculus VR Inc. founder Palmer Luckey and his company are once again being sued. For this go-round Hawaiian company Total Recall Technologies is accusing Luckey of taking confidential information from TRT in violation of a confidentiality agreement that he signed when he left the company. The complaint also accuses him of passing off that information as his own.

Is Virtual Reality Finally Getting Real?

Gamers all over the world are squealing in delight following the news that the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality consumer headset has finally been scheduled for release in early 2016. The announcement of a consumer model was first promised in November of 2012 and after two and a half years’ anticipation, it appears the dream of a virtual reality headset built for everyday consumers might finally be coming true.

Facebook Unveils New 360-Degree Video for News Feeds

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today the the social network site will soon support 360-degree spherical videos which allow users to view locations from different angles, like a 3-D game.
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