Yellowstone Supervolcano Keeps Getting Bigger

Medicine & Technology Yellowstone may be one of the most pristine places you can visit filled with streams, grasslands, wildlife and more, but underneath the surface you will find one of the largest volcanoes on the planet. According to a team of researchers from the University of Utah, the supervolcano is larger than originally believed and it is growing.
Ceres' Two Spots

Scientists Believe Ceres Might Have A Volcano

Since the arrival of the Dawn spacecraft, scientists have been hard at work beginning their studies of the planet that was never meant to be. When it first started its approach, the scientific community was abuzz as the first pictures showed bright spots on the surface. Now, scientists believe that these bright spots could possibly be volcanoes of ice.
Volcano Creates Island

New Island Created By Volcano in Tonga

The Earth continues to change its landscape right before our eyes. A volcanic eruption in Tonga has created a new island, but one scientist says it could soon vanish just as quickly as it formed.
Vesuvius as seen from Pompei

Through Time and Stone--X-Rays Help Solve 2,000 year old mystery from Mt. Vesuvius

When Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, it destroyed several Roman towns including Pompeii and Herculaneum. With Herculaneum's destruction, hundreds of writings from the time were buried for what some believed could be all of eternity. However, scientists have now succeeded in reading parts of an ancient scroll buried by the eruption.
Erupting Volcano

Study Shows Volcanoes May Be Causing Global Cooling

We have known for a while that massive volcanic eruptions, which eject massive amounts of gases into the atmosphere, can block enough solar radiation to have an effect on the climate. For example, scientists believe the explosion of the Indonesian volcano Mt. Tambora in 1815 caused the severe cold spell in 1816. But while scientists may have arrived at a consensus that our planet is warming, according to a new study published this week, some of the warming effects have been offset by small volcanic eruptions over the last decade. The vast quantities of ash and gases ejected from the volcanoes have had a remarkable cooling effect on the climate, by blocking solar radiation.
Stalled, cooled lava in Pohoa

Lava Flow Stalls 700 Yards away from Shopping Center

Officials at the Hawaii County Civil Defense expected to see the lava reach the Pahoa Shopping Center on or around Christmas. Fortunately, the flow seems to have come up short. According to the Associated Press, civil defense administrator Darryl Oliveira said on Tuesday that the lava appears to have stalled and hardened just 700 yards away from the island's biggest shopping center.
Pahoa Lava Spill

What’s the Worst Case Scenario? Hawaii’s Kilauea Lava Flow

As Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano threatens nearby towns with the destructive force of its lava flow, residents and analysts evaluate the potential casualties and worst case possibilities of this dangerous scenario. And with the lava flow reported to only be 70 yards away from the nearest home on Monday Oct. 27, researchers fear that the worst case scenario may have already begun.
Pahoa Lava Spill

Hawaiian Lava Flow Prompts Evacuation on Big Island

Inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands owe their tropical homes to volcanic activity that gave rise to the US state thousands of years ago. But some fear that continued lava flows may soon engulf the homes they’ve built as a new volcanic eruption threats the rural population of the Big Island.
Japanese Volcanos Threaten Nuclear Reactors, Expert Warns

Japan's Volcanos Threaten Nuclear Reactors, Expert Warns

One volcano expert is warning that Japan's massive 2011 earthquake--which damaged the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant and caused a nuclear crisis--could cause large volcanic eruptions in the coming years, yet he could not say when people could expect the eruptions to happen.
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