Krakatoa volcano

Krakatoa Volcano Erupts along with Three Other Volcanoes in Indonesia; Locals Beg for the Volcano to ‘sleep’ as They Are Still on a Fight Against Coronavirus

The wrath of Mount Krakatoa is once again felt by the locals in Jakarta as it erupts twice on Friday. 3 other volcanoes in the country also erupted on the same day, leaving locals in dismay. Aside from this natural phenomenon, the country is still amidst its fight against coronavirus as residents plead the volcano to 'go to sleep'. Click here to read more.
floating rock

Floating Rocks Size of Manhattan Brave The Oceans

A volcano underneath the Pacific Ocean erupted and nobody knew about it, until the rocks the size of Manhattan, New York, were seen braving the waters to reach areas around the world.
Raikoke Volcano Erupts

ISS Astronauts Witnessed Raikoke's Recent Explosion

Japan's Raikoke volcano in the Kuril Islands last erupted in 1924 and has been silent since then, until a few days ago when nearly a century's silence was broken by a massive eruption with such high velocity.
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