Warp Drive

Launch at night

Light-Speed Warp Travel Model Developed By Scientists

Popularized by science fiction, scientists develop a physical model that bends the spacetime continuum to allow lightspeed warp travel that can be built with physics principles known to man today.
Em Drive

NASA Downplays EM Drive

Despite reports circling the Internet recently, NASA has not yet created a new fuel-free, faster than light propulsion system, the space agency said.

NASA May Have Just Accidentally Discovered Faster than Light Travel

Long home to science fiction, traveling faster than the speed of light is quite commonplace as heroes and villains alike zip around their galaxy in an effort to engage each other. It has become so popular, in fact, that you would be hard pressed to find anyone on Earth that didn't know about the concept. Now it seems that scientists could have accidentally brought the notion of faster than light travel out of the realm of science fiction and into real science.
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