Andromeda's Halo and Its Gaseous Glow

Andromeda's Halo and Its Gaseous Glow

Thanks to the latest from the NASA Hubble Space Telescope astronomers may now be poised to understand the origins of our galaxy more clearly. A team of scientists led by astrophysicist Nicolas Lehner of the University of Notre Dame used the Hubble to find a massive gas halo surrounding the Andromeda Galaxy, our closest neighbor.
Dragon Capsule Test

SpaceX Abort Test a Success

This week, SpaceX performed its pad abort test for its Dragon capsule at Cape Canaveral. While the test seemed to go off without a hitch, initially there was little word from the company about exactly how it went. Now, SpaceX has confirmed that while the test itself was a success, there is still plenty of room for improvement to prepare the capsule to fly astronauts too the International Space Station within two years.
Mission on Mars

NASA Wants Your Ideas for a Mars Colony

Mars is seen as the next frontier for humans. Ever since astronauts first walked on the Moon in 1969, scientists and space enthusiasts alike have dreamed of one day exploring the Red Planet. While we work on new rockets to get us to Mars, scientists are already hard at work thinking about how to build a sustainable colony on Mars. What do we need to survive? That’s the question NASA is asking the public in its latest competition.
Man's Next Endeavor In Space—Keeping Mankind Alive on Mars

Man's Next Endeavor In Space-Keeping Mankind Alive on Mars

As more news about Mars enters our scientific community each day, the importance of making survival on Mars a priority is thrown into sharp relief. No longer remote, science-fiction the goal of transforming Mars for ourselves with technology is at the core of our next endeavor in space.
Blue Sunset on Mars

The Red Planet Turns Blue As the Sun Sets

If you spend enough time on the surface of the Red Planet, you will be treated to something very different from Earth - a blue sunset as night falls. That's exactly what happened to NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover after waiting for three years to catch a glimpse of this phenomenon.
Progress Spacecraft

Progress Spacecraft Falling to Earth

The unmanned Russian cargo spacecraft that malfunctioned causing the Russian space program to lose control of the craft as it made its way to the International Space Station last week, will fall to Earth later this evening.
Mission on Mars

NASA Giving Away $29K To Someone Who Can Figure Out How To Protect Astronauts

Space radiation is one of the biggest problems that NASA faces if it wants to one day send humans to Mars. In a recent study, scientists found that exposure to this radiation can cause brain damage, meaning that astronauts making the journey may be unable to perform their duties once they arrive at the Red Planet. In an effort to come up with new ideas, NASA is offering prizes of up to $29,000 for anyone’s novel design concept that could keep crew members safe.
Filament from the Sun

NASA Video Shows Giant Solar Filament Exploding from the Sun

A new video has been released by NASA that shows our very own Sun sending out a giant solar filament, extending its visible hemisphere by close to half. The incident occurred last week and demonstrates the raw power and influence the Sun has on Earth and the rest of the solar system.
Eta Aquarid meteor shower

Meteor Shower Rains Bits of Halley’s Comet Down on Earth

When asked to name a comet, chances are people will name Halley's and, in most cases, won't remember any others. Tonight, the Eta Aquarid meteor shower will rain bits of the solar system's most famous comet down on Earth as part of the yearly demonstration to remind us that even though we may not be able to see Halley's comet, it is still above streaking through the heavens.

SpaceX Preps for Test of Dragon Capsule

The Dragon Capsule, a commercial spacecraft designed by SpaceX to ferry U.S. astronauts into orbit by 2017 is set for a major test on Wednesday, when the private space company plans to blast the capsule away from the launch mount at Cape Canaveral on a mile-high demo flight designed to test the craft's ability to protect occupants in the event of a catastrophic rocket failure on the pad.
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