With Inspiration from Tesla New iPhone Cases Pull Energy Out of Thin Air

In a nod to the original Tesla, Nikola Labs now announces that they have created a device that can convert radio waves into useable DC power for smart phones. If they are correct, our smart devices may be able to fully transition into the 21st century, no longer stuck with 19th century charging conventions.

Changing the Solar Power Industry—Tesla’s New Powerwall Packs a Powerful Punch

Elon Musk’s visions haven’t just changed the tech industry, they’ve changed the world and even space exploration. But a new venture and interest in batteries will mean that Tesla is expanding into the solar energy game, and Musk is offering home owners the opportunity to capitalize on the power of the Sun.

Tesla Motors Set to Launch Self Driving Cars This Summer

If you have been waiting for the likes of Google and Apple to create a self driving car and thought you might have to wait a few years before grabbing one, think again. Tesla motors has announced that its Model S will receive a software update within the next 90 days that will allow it to steer itself on the highway and promised much more automation in the future.
Lamborghini LP570-4 Superlegerr

Buying a Car To Ring-in The New Year: Tips On How to Do It Right.

Buying a car is quite a bit like hunting--there's a season for it. And one of the best seasons to hunt-down a great auto deal is the time right after the New Year. But don't let the myriad of car commercials be your sole information outlet. Experts say that doing your own car-related research and "keeping an open mind" are the keys to finding a four-wheel bargain.
Tesla Roadster Sport, Chicago Show Room, 2011

Tesla Updates Out-of-Production Roadster – 400 Miles to the Charge

Announced via Twitter on Christmas by Elon Musk with details to follow on the Tesla blog, Tesla Motors says they will be releasing some major updates for the Roadster. The Roadster was the electric vehicle maker's very first model. It was also the world's very first vehicle in production to actually use a lithium ion battery. The hype about the fully electric vehicles back then was as justified as the hype about these updates are now.
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