Extinct Alien Civilization Might Have Left Traces & Artifacts In Our Own Solar System

By Regin Olimberio | May 05, 2017 04:02 AM EDT

An astronomy professor questions whether humans are looking hard enough for alien life forms, including those who might have gone extinct in our own solar system. According to Penn State professor Jason Wright, the current trend is to look for extraterrestrial life forms that are thriving in other star systems. However, there is a better (and more feasible) chance to look for alien just around the cosmic body in the Sun system.

Wright suggests that looking for past intelligent, space-faring, intelligent life forms on earth itself is a good option. But given the weather and other natural phenomena like the tectonic movements that might have eroded their traces, exploring other cosmic bodies has a better chance. This is due to subsurface features that might hold the remnants of ancient aliens.

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Wright called this phenomenon as techno signatures. Meaning, traces of past life forms like an ancient alien visit, previous colonies, or even mining activities. Techno signatures are materials in the solar system that are impossible to form naturally, therefore suggesting an alien intervention, explained.

Remember that there is a suggestive statement that alien life forms might have visited earth, the study added. These clues and shreds of evidence might still be left in rock sediments that are millions or even billions of years old. Even if not here on earth, other cosmic bodies within the solar system might have these techno signatures.

It is a given fact that other life forms have existed on earth, say dinosaurs and previous creatures before the age of men. If so, Wright implied that there might be some spacefaring aliens that lived eons ago, the website Astronomy implied. Species that might have risen in the solar system are possible to have left the traces of their technology.

It appears that Wright is not alone in his theory. The scientific community themselves didn't completely rule out the potential discovery of an alien traces.

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